MoMoirs Workshops

This 8-week workshop is for moms writing about their children or their own mothers. Whether you’re interested in publishing or just want to create a unique memoir for yourself and your family, a MoMoir is a way to bronze those special memories forever.
The MoMoirs Workshop will show you how you can write easily, honestly and beautifully about a subject that is near and dear to you. You’ll learn how totally do-able writing a MoMoir is, even for the busiest mother or the woman who has never written before. 

There will be simple exercises to get your started and keep you going. Reading your work aloud is voluntary, but very encouraged. The sessions will involve the sharing of work, supportive group feedback and discussion about writing and mothering issues.

The MoMoir captures their childhood and your motherhood in a way no photograph or video ever can.

Workshops are limited to six participants.

Momoirs Theater

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll identify.
For more information contact Jo Anne Parady, producer/booking 203-852-1115